Please contact me to check on my availability, this can change often and is usually booked weeks in advance. Of course, still contact me if you require urgent help and I will always try.


Work is usually booked in daily increments. A days work is 7.5 hours, which is usually the minimum amount of time I work. Time is required to be booked in advance. My standard working week is 37.5 hours.


I bill work on a day rate basis. I always bill in GBP(£) and all prices quoted are not inclusive of VAT. If you do require work to be done on a fixed rate basis, then contact me and we can always negotiate something.


All clients are required to sign a Contract of Works, this outlines the agreed hours, cost of the project as well as the scope and timeline. Non-disclosure agreements (NDA) carry a fixed cost on top of any agreed hours.

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